Robot system products (RSP) Swivels

Spin the 6th axis free from hoses, cables or other obstacles! 

With Robot System Products swivels, axis 6 is allowed to rotate freely. Friction and wear on the hose package decreases, uptime and productivity increases. Compressed air, water, electrical and data signals, as well as weld and servo power, are smoothly transferred to your tool with robot motion capabilities maintained.
We also offer double sealed swivels for applications in rough environments. 

The low weight, high corrosion resistance and a minimum of service requirements will enhance your productivity and maximize uptime in all applications involving substantial robot motions. 

• Free rotation axis 6
• Low maintenance and high uptime
• No limits to axis 4 and 5 when used with RSP hose packages
• Air, water, electrical and fieldbus signals
• Weld and servo power
• Low weight and high corrosion resistance


RSP robot with swivel without swivel
Robot with RSP swivel Robot without swivel 


The rotation of axis 6 does not affect the Dress Pack on the upper arm                                            

Hose and cable package will be twisted around the upper arm of the robot when axis 6 rotates